What is Queer Virtue?

A movement to reform and revitalize Christian faith

“Authentic Christianity is and must be queer.”

This is the fundamental premise of Queer VirtueChristianity persistently calls the followers of Jesus to rupture, or queer, false binaries that pit people against each other.  Jesus does this when he presses the question, "Who is my neighbor?", calling his followers to hit a reset button in their assumptions about who “we” are, who “they” are, and how we are supposed to treat one another. 

Queer people navigate this kind of rupturing every day.

Queer people must:
* discern an identity
* tell the truth about it even in the face of material risk
* find others who share this identity
* build community.

LGBTQ community persistently looks to the margins to see who isn’t yet included and decide what we’re going to do about it.  This “path” bears remarkable similarity to the path that Christians are called to walk."

 Thus queer experience is a lens that can help Christians better understand and navigate an authentic Christian path. Exploring ethical dimensions of queer experience such as Pride, coming out, scandal, and hospitality, Queer Virtue lifts up the queer ethical path as a model for progressive Christian practice, illuminating and potentially vivifying the Christian faith.

Queer Virtue was a finalist for the 2017 Judy Grahn Award for Lesbian Nonfiction. 

What people are saying


"One of the most highly anticipated books of the year...

A major new book...'Queer Virtue' sparkles with a graceful writing style, provocative ideas, honest self-revelation, and up-to-date LGBTQ pop culture references..."

– Kittredge Cherry in Jesus in Love Blog

"For a straight guy like me whose life experience has been anything but queer

Edman’s call for Christians to embrace queerness is both challenging and refreshing…The entire volume has a great deal to offer any person, LGBTQ or otherwise, who is concerned about the future of Christianity as a meaningful force in our society."

– Dan Wilkinson's in Unfundamentalist Christian blog

"Every page reverberates with vivid insights and suggestions for outreach...

We could begin by handing Queer Virtue to anyone who is open to a joyously inclusive vision."  

– Dr. Virginia Mollenkott in Christian Feminism Today

Recognitions and accolades


2017 Judy Grahn Award for Lesbian Nonfiction Finalist


Elizabeth Edman’s Queer Virtue is a powerful work of theological and autobiographical reflection that illuminates the deep connections between queerness and Christianity. This book will be a valuable guide for anyone who navigates the liminal spaces between these distinct yet mutually-reinforcing worlds.” 
— The Rev. Patrick S. Cheng, author of Radical Love: An Introduction to Queer Theology
“The once marginalized discipline of Gay Studies is now decidedly back in the curriculum and in the intellectual arena. This book is a sterling example of the best of it, and on a subject – ethics and morality – that is an emerging area of interest in all fields. It will be a little classic, and will be read and argued about for a long time to come.”
— Harvey Cox, author of The Future of Faith and How to Read the Bible
“A breath of fresh, queer, air…With vivacious smarts and a wicked sense of humor, Edman compels her readers to fully embrace our gloriously multifaceted God-given identities. If you’ve wondered if you can be fully queer and fully Christian, the answer is a resounding “yes,” and Edman will show you the way.” 
— The Rev. Emily M.D. Scott, Founding Pastor, St. Lydia's -- A Dinner Church, Brooklyn, NY

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