In May 2017, Liz was interviewed by Liam Miller, Uniting Church Chaplain at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. Here's the video:

Glitter+Ash Wednesday received international press coverage from February-March, 2017.  Here are a couple of our favorites:
Interviews on other Queer Virtue topics:

Op-Eds and blog posts by Liz:

Reviews of Queer Virtue:

  • "New in June: LGBTQ Christian books "This is My Body," "Queer Virtue," "Mr. Grumpy Christian," Uganda's bishop Senyonjo, Mother Juana de la Cruz," by Kittredge Cherry, Jesus in Love Blog , June 01, 2016. <full review>
  • "One of the most highly anticipated books of the year." "A major new book...'Queer Virtue' sparkles with a graceful writing style, provocative ideas, honest self-revelation, and up-to-date LGBTQ pop culture references..."
    — Kittredge Cherry in Jesus in Love Blog <full review>.
  • "Every page reverberates with vivid insights and suggestions for outreach...We could begin by handing Queer Virtue to anyone who is open to a joyously inclusive vision."  
    — Dr. Virginia Mollenkott in Christian Feminism Today <full review>
  • "For a straight guy like me whose life experience has been anything but queer, Edman’s call for Christians to embrace queerness is both challenging and refreshing…The entire volume has a great deal to offer any person, LGBTQ or otherwise, who is concerned about the future of Christianity as a meaningful force in our society."
    — Dan Wilkinson's in Unfundamentalist Christian blog <full review>
  • “Elizabeth Edman’s Queer Virtue is a powerful work of theological and autobiographical reflection that illuminates the deep connections between queerness and Christianity. This book will be a valuable guide for anyone who navigates the liminal spaces between these distinct yet mutually-reinforcing worlds.” 
    —The Rev. Patrick S. Cheng, author of Radical Love: An Introduction to Queer Theology
  • “The once marginalized discipline of Gay Studies is now decidedly back in the curriculum and in  the intellectual arena. This book is a sterling example of the best of it, and on a subject – ethics and morality – that is an emerging area of interest in all fields. It will be a little classic, and will be read and argued about for a long time to come.”
     —Harvey Cox, author of The Future of Faith and How to Read the Bible
  • "A breath of fresh, queer, air…With vivacious smarts and a wicked sense of humor, Edman compels her readers to fully embrace our gloriously multifaceted God-given identities. If you’ve wondered if you can be fully queer and fully Christian, the answer is a resounding “yes,” and Edman will show you the way." 
    —Emily M.D. Scott, Pastor, St. Lydia's -- A Dinner Church, Brooklyn, NY