Letter to Editor in New York Times: Rebuke to Episcopal Church
 on January 16, 2016

To the Editor:

Re “Anglican Leadership Disciplines American Branch” (news article, Jan. 15): The decision by Anglican archbishops to sideline the Episcopal Church because of its decision to allow members of the clergy to perform same-sex marriages is offensive to authentic Christianity, a tradition that in its marrow challenges us to disrupt false categories of “us” versus “them,” not create new ones.

How ironic that the first African-American leader of the United States church has been pushed to the back of the bus simply because he has the audacity to offer love and hope to those who have long been deemed socially despised. Just as Jesus did.

New York

Naga: JacobandtheAngel by   Jae Quinlan

Naga: JacobandtheAngel by Jae Quinlan